What I Can Do For You

Photo of a foggy forrest by Trent Boeschen

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Web Management

Most websites don't fend for themselves. Somebody has to feed them, socialize them, and occassionaly discipline them. Many organizations and individuals don't need a full-time employee for their web site maintanence. They need somebody they can call on when they need it.

I provide just that service, and I'll probably do it better than you expect.

Web Development

So you want to build your very own web site? Then you need a developer. Not just any developer! You need somebody who understands your needs, the needs of your audience and the limitless potential of the internet.

That somebody just happens to be me. I'm fascinated —synergistically— by the potential of the internet and the potential of human beings. I build websites that are simple and powerful to use.

Open-source is my secret sauce. What this means for you is that I can build a dependible, flexible website out of solid, community built and tested blocks. My tools cost me nothing and I pass that savings right on to you!

Technical Support

We all have computer troubles. It's nothing to be ashamed of. What we don't all have is dependable, friendly, and oft-times funny tech support. Well... my clients do because they call on me.

My areas of expertise include Macintosh and Windows operating systems, hardware installation and troubleshooting, home and small-office networking, custom PC building for office, video, audio, home entertainment and high end gaming, and general how-to. I'm incredibly patient and strive to make sure my clients know what I'm doing and how to avoid having the same problem twice.

Technical Consulting

Not sure what you need in this vast sea of electronic products and services?

I can help you sort it all out.

I'm a tech geek who keeps up with the latest things that go beep in the night and I know how to bargain hunt.

Audio Production

I record, mix, edit and master audio. If you need audio, I can help.

Have a listen here.

Jazz Drums

If websites and techie doodads aren't your thing, I can still provide something: live music. I am a semi-professional jazz drummer available for recording and performing. I also manage a flexible jazz group available for private parties, events and venues of all kinds. When it comes to paying for music, you better sample the goods first.